Expert Crafstmanship,
Extraordinary Beer & CIDER

Through an unwavering commitment to quality and consistency, we strive to produce outstanding beer that reflects the rich heritage of our region and meet the highest expectations
  • Mine Shaft Brewing

    Expansive Views From the Brewery

  • Introduction to Mine Shaft

    Introduction to “Mine Shaft Brewing - Investment Video #1

  • MSB Restaurant

    MSB Restaurant - Investment Video #2

  • MSB Team’s Long History

    MSB Team’s Long History - Investment Video #3

  • Park City

    There Is Only One. Park City.

  • Masters Series Highlights

    2014 Clif Bar Psicobloc Masters Series Highlights

  • Robbie Maddison

    Skullcandy: Robbie Maddison’s Drop In

  • Robbie Maddison

    Robbie Maddison's Pipe Dream

  • Utah – Life Elevated

    A Team With a Legacy of Excellence

  • GorGeous

    Park City Utah Winter Vacation