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Posted by: T. Andrew Nemeckay Publish Date: Mar 16, 2018

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Who Ever Said Utah
Was Not A Top Craft
Beer Brewery
Location Needs
To Think Again.
Utah Has Two
of The Top 50.
It Is Time For Three In The Top 50
Huge Upside to
Production of
Hard Cider &
Why MSB will
Produce Hard Cider
  • Based on a web poll conducted by Boston Beer Company’s Angry
    Orchard cider brand, 37 percent of adults ages 25-49 are unable to name
    a cider brand. Of those who named a brand, 9.3 percent named Angry
    Orchard; 6.9 percent named Mike’s Hard Lemonade, which is a flavored
    malt beverage and not a cider; 6.1% named Redd’s Apple Ale, which is
    also not a cider. [per Angry Orchard]
  • What does it mean? There’s a huge opportunity for cider to connect with
    drinkers who just don’t have that beverage on their radars. There’s also a
    need to educate consumers on what cider is (and what it’s not).
  • Dollar sales of craft cider were up 39 percent from 2015 to 2016 at off-
    premise retailers, meaning grocery/convenience stores (not bars and
    restaurants). This excludes brands such as Woodchuck, Angry Orchard,
    Crispin and others owned by larger corporations. However, total cider
    category off-premise dollar sales (including those aforementioned
    brands) was down 10.2 percent during the same period. [per Nielsen]
  • What does it mean? Local, regional and smaller cider brands are, by
    and large, doing pretty well; Strongbow, Stella Cidre, Gumption, Angry
    Orchard Stone Dry and Orchard Edge are also growing. But slow downs
    among other larger brands are dragging overall cider growth down.
  • How does cider compare to beer and flavored malt beverages (FMBs)
    when it comes to on-premise (bar and restaurant) sales? Cider’s share at
    bars and restaurants is 1.3 percent the size of beer’s share and is about
    20 percent the size of FMBs’ share. There are a few states where cider
    sales are 3 percent or more the size of beer sales: Oregon, Washington,
    Virginia, Vermont and Maine. [per CGA Strategy]
  • What does it mean? Cider’s market share in bars and restaurants is small
    compared to beer and other alcoholic beverages. The upshot is that
    means there’s potentially room to grow.
  • Flavored ciders are growing, up 4 percent from last year off-premise;
    they represent 16 percent of overall cider sales. Popular flavors include
    pineapple, cherry, blackberry, honeydew and cranberry. [per Nielsen]
  • What does it mean? Like beer, cider is seeing an increase in fruit and other
    flavoring additions as curious drinkers want new products and flavors
    to try.
  • Compared to regular beer drinkers, the regular cider consumer is younger,
    earns a higher income and is more likely to be Hispanic. Cider drinkers are
    also more closely gender-balanced than beer drinkers, who skew male.
    [per CGA Strategy]
  • What does it mean? Cider needs to find its target drinker; it’s not going
    to be the same as beer’s. Millennials and young Hispanic drinkers could
    represent important segments of the population.
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While Some Places
Have Snow, Ice &
Rain Other Places
Have MSB Mango
Cider, Sun, Sand

& Beaches

This your opportunity
to Invest alongside
the folks that helped
Sam Adams/Boston Beer
get off the ground.
MSB will launch with a 60K -barrel capacity with distributors wanting most of the initial production where a typical craft venture opens with a meager500 to 1,000-barrel capacity. Secondly, MSB has on board a passionate team of experts with decades of experience working together in the craft beer space, boasting work with labels like Sam Adams, Henry Weinhard’s, and Stroh’s in addition to founding Izze Beverage.
Bonus: MSB investment warrants. We will be issuing your warrants for 25% of a seven-figure investment or larger with a 25% discount, 18% of six-figure investment or larger and with an 18% discount. Under six figures we will be issuing your warrants for 12% of investment and with a 12% discount

Benefits that we’re offering:

  • MSB Black Card Club Membership: no other wine club or beer club comes close!
  • Warrants for large investors
  • First Right of Refusal on next round
  • 8% annual interest on investment
Mine Shaft Brewing’s Black Card
Club Membership offers exclusive
access and opportunities like no
other beer or wine clubs:
  • First access to limited production beers and ciders at the brewery.
  • Special opportunities to purchase exclusive releases.
  • Advance notice and special pricing on brewery events, including head brewer dinners.
  • Pre-sale all-access purchase opportunities for our Summer Concert Series and other events.
  • Discounts on dining and merchandise.
  • Dedicated Concierge Service to assist with purchases, event information, dinner reservations and information about our beers and ciders.
  • Exclusive opportunities for dinner along with game/event tickets with our athlete ambassadors: NHL, MLB, MLS, PGA, Olympic Medalist. This is exclusive access meant to create lifelong memories.
Your Investment Will
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& Grow Faster
Please check out the MSB Web Site
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