Mine Shaft Brewing is unlike ANY of the Craft Breweries out there today; our Cali Orchards Hard Sparkling Water BEATS ALL OF THEM!

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"Hard seltzer/sparkling water is expected to be a $2.5 billion beverage category by 2021."
- Sean King, UBS Analyst

  • This category is currently worth $550 million and will grow to $2.5 billion by 2021, said Sean King, a UBS analyst. That implies an annual growth rate of 66% and a jump in consumption from 14 million cases in 2018 to 72 million cases in 2021.
  • “After drilling into the concept and plan with the MSB Team and helping in drafting the deal structure, I decided to invest and even got my family to invest too. This is an outstanding team with substantial relevant operating experience and a differentiated plan for entering the craft beer/cider space. The craft beer/cider market continues to grow rapidly with plenty of opportunity remaining for new brands like MSB.”
    Alan, Investment Professional, NYC Private Equity Firm
  • “Absolutely love the branding though and the dual beer/cider strategy.”
    Irena Blind TSG Consumer Partners Investors in Pabst, Sweet Water Brewing, Brew Dog
  • “Packaging, branding, and POS are outstanding. The Cali Orchards team are seasoned professionals. The Packaging speaks for itself. We look forward to a great relationship.”
    Keith Jeffrey, General Manager Carlson Distributing, UT
  • “MSB has really stood out to me as a best-in-class opportunity. From a management team with deep, relevant experience to a comprehensive marketing and business plan, and a product that is already in high demand, this is as close to can't miss as you can get. I can't wait to see this come on-line and let the numbers support what I'm confident will be the successful byproduct of a well-vetted strategy.”
    Dan, CFO of Global Bulk Raw Materials Trading and Logistics
  • “Cali Orchards packaging looks great. Love the flavor forward profile. Can’t wait to start distributing Cali Orchards.”
    Andrew Mitchell, President Hayden Beverage Distributing
  • "I have never seen a startup in the craft space like MSB & Cali Orchards that has such an understanding of branding and brand architecture. Most small and even many of the large brewers don’t understand brand architecture. The approach is not craft, it is to be a brand to get the price positioning right."
    Chairman of a Top 25
    San Francisco California Craft Brewery
  • "Looking at the packaging for El Presidente, has a great aesthetic positioning that could make a real entry into this segment."
    "Just get your doors open and the offers will come, great positioning and branding."
    Raul Garcia M & A Molson Coors