History & Heritage

Mine Shaft Brewing is founded by a team of pioneers and master brewers who helped forge the art of craft beer in America by producing beloved brews of award-winning quality that have stood the test of time and become part of the landscape. Like Santa Clarita itself, our brews are rich in history, yet full of surprises. Gorgeous, with a touch of grit. welcoming and accessible yet far above ordinary life. Inspired by the beauty of the place that is the source of joy for so many people, Mine Shaft Brewing creates craft beverages that set your imagination free.

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      A Long History In The Beer Space

      Our team is passionate about beer, with a long history of industry experience. Since the 70’s, our brew crew has assumed key roles in the development and introduction of some of the best-known specialty and seasonal brands, while also working with beers that date back to pre-prohibition.

    • hs-img8Our brews and ciders are inspired by the beauty of the place that is the source of joy for so many people.
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    Sam Adams

    Our team partnered with the Boston Beer Company during its pioneer days in 1985, brewing batches of Sam Adams to help meet the growing demand for its popular beers. This provided an early introduction to micro brewing and the changes that were about to begin in the evolving beer industry.

  • With more than a quarter century of experience in the beer category, specifically the craft space, our team’s passion for quality has consistently been on display. Leveraging our experience in the super premium, premium, premium light, sub-premium, malt liquor and flavored malt beverage categories, our brew crew has been involved in the development and introduction of both specialty and seasonal brews, including brewing, packaging, marketing and sales.
  • hs-img1 Our long history in the beer space meets world-class innovation and state-of-the-art brewing equipment. MSB will have the production capacity to brew up to 60 thousand bbls/year of premium craft beers and ciders. MSB’s Grill & Event Center will become a hub of diverse community activities. The views from the brewery are spectacular, where our guests will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere for spending good times with friends and family.

  • Craft Beer & Cider Far Above Ordinary Life

    Like Santa Clarita itself, our brews and ciders are rich in history yet full of surprises, gorgeous with a touch of grit. Welcome to Mine Shaft Brewing!

  • hs-img7 Meet our world-class craft beers and ciders, beverages that set your imagination free – purely crafted and forged in Santa Clarita.