Attention to the Cider Market Trends Drives Sales

Posted by: T. Andrew Nemeckay Publish Date: Mar 03, 2017

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Attention to the
Cider Market
Trends Drives Sales
15 percent growth rate for cider
over the next five years,
which would put cider at 2 percent
of beer sales by 2020.
According to a presentation given by Jon London, head of marketing for Boston Beer Co.’s cider division (Angry Orchard), cider volume grew 12 percent in 2015 (selling 30 million cases compared to 4.2 million cases in 2009). He acknowledged that growth slowed in the second half of 2015 (“Cider hit a little bit of a blip in the past few months”) but said he doesn’t think this necessarily reflects a long-term slowdown.
Also according to London’s presentation, there are 18 million total cider drinkers in the U.S. in 2015, compared to fewer than 5 million just four years ago. They generated $1 billion worth of retail sales in 2015.
If all hard cider sales were grouped together and compared to beer, they would be the second-most successful beer category behind IPAs and ahead of seasonals. Grocery stores are carrying 65 percent more cider SKUs (stock keeping units, basically an inventory tracking code) than two years ago.
Jon London says he assumes a 15 percent growth rate for cider over the next five years, which would put cider at 2 percent of beer sales by 2020.
Nat West of Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider led an interesting discussion of the effects of craft beer on cider; one surprising stat to emerge from that presentation: According to Nielsen grocery data, 85 percent of all cider sold in grocery stores is packaged in 12-ounce bottles, and 12 percent is packaged in cans. So while you might buy a 750mL, corked and caged bottle of fancy estate cider at your local bottle shop, that’s definitely not what’s dominating at the grocery store.
“more sessionable big brands [to] evolve over time as the premiumization continues.”
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Some Places Have Snow, Ice
& Rain While Others Have
Sun, Sand, And Beaches.
Everyone Loves An Ice
Cold Mango Cider When
The Sun Is Bright & Hot
Blake’s Hard
Cider Reports
Triple Digit Sales
Growth in 2016
Although Blake’s Farms in Armada has been a major player in the apple business since 1946, its offspring, Blake’s Hard Cider, wasn’t launched until 2013. Three years later the quirky maker of “Flannel Mouth”, “Beard Bender”, “El Chapo” and a dozen other popular hard cider flavors has grown up fast, zooming to national recognition as one of the premier hard cider brands in the country.
In 2016 Blake’s Hard Cider recorded triple digit growth in sales and volume producing more than 23,000 barrels of its distinctive and obviously popular brews. Its ‘Blake’s Tasting Room’ was voted “one of the best bars in America” last year by Esquire Magazine.
“It’s been a wild, fast ride and we’re thrilled with the acceptance our ciders have received in the market,” said Blake’s Founder and Co-Owner Andrew Blake. “Being available in major regional and national chains like Kroger and Meijer has helped build awareness of our brand and has been crucial to our overall success. Meanwhile, if we continue to concentrate on using the best, freshest ingredients and our proprietary processes, we think we can continue to win new customers.”
Blake said the cidery is plowing its profits immediately back into the business to add a 12,000-sq-ft tank farm which will expand the company’s cider production to 25,000 barrels annually, up from 12,000 barrels annually now. In addition to the tank farm, the company has invested in state-of-theart brewing software and production materials to ensure absolute quality control and product consistency.
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